Selling E-Consulting Services

I am an Excel consultant. I produce spreadsheets for companies all over the world and, at the start of this century, my job didn’t exist. I work remotely and few of my clients ever meet me in person.

The fact I don’t have to travel means I have very few overheads. The fact I incur few overheads means businesses can pay me directly for the work I do, and no one else is taking any sort of cut. However, there is one major shortcoming. Why would you ask me to build a spreadsheet when you don’t really know anything about me?

My experience of Excel consulting has taught me a few lessons. Firstly, you need a website. This is essential for generating sales although, theoretically, you could just cold call every company in the phone directory. It also lets a client know that you take your line of work seriously. If a client is going to spend $1,000 on a spreadsheet, they want the security of knowing you will provide ongoing support. Remember, they know nothing about your career, so need the confidence that you will still be around in a year’s time.

E-consulting is all about confidence. You need the confidence that a client is going to pay for the help you give them. They need the confidence that you will complete the work to the required standard. So when should the client pay?

Everyone has their own answer to this question. Ultimately, someone has to perform the work, or pay the money in good faith. My answer is that the smaller company should always be the one to act in good faith. When developing a spreadsheet for a medium sized business, I would get them to agree terms at outset but I wouldn’t ask for payment until I’d completed the project. It is good practice to ensure you have some company details so you can pursue them through the courts should they fail to pay. When developing a spreadsheet for an individual, I would request payment up front. Individuals expect to pay companies a deposit for services so this is not an issue.

I have never had an issue with non-payment, although the nature of my work may provide some explanation for this. As an Excel consultant, businesses pay me to make their processes more efficient. If a business is about to go under, it does not want to front-load costs. Secondly, very few projects last more than a month from start to finish. Therefore, a healthy company is unlikely to become bankrupt in that time period. If performing larger projects, I would recommend operating on a consultative basis and billing incrementally.

The final advice is to understand the business case for contracting your services. If you wouldn’t employ yourself, chances are that no-one else will. So with Microsoft Excel, a lot of people waste time doing tasks manually that could be easily be automated using Visual Basic. If an employee spends a day a month preparing a report, you could potentially save the company e.g. $4,000/yr (once all overheads are considered), if you can automate the entire process.

So if I charged $1,500 to solve the problem, I would be saving the company money. Well, maybe. But what if I was wasting half the time automating a very small part of the process which only takes 10 minutes to do manually? Should I explain to the client that I can do the job for $750 but that they will still need to make a few changes at their end?

The answer has always got to be “yes”. It demonstrates that you understand the nature of their problem, and that you can be trusted. There’s no point trying to squeeze a customer because any experienced consultant will tell you that the bulk of their work comes from existing clients. If the client trusts you to explain what is and isn’t worth doing, they will come back to you more often.

Using Pharma Consulting Firms to Ensure Product Suitability

Ensuring that medical devices and pharmaceutical products are suitable for the end user is imperative and this is something that pharma consulting firms can help manufacturers to achieve. Safety is clearly the key consideration of the governing bodies that regulate the pharmaceutical industry and those manufacturers who make use of the services of consultancy firms will invariably find the process of getting their product to market much smoother.

Needless to say, making sure that the end user won’t be harmed by any medical device, supplement or pharmaceutical product that finds its way onto the marketplace has to be all important and in order to make this much more likely, using pharma consulting firms is an absolute must.

Pharma Consulting – Safety First

Pharma consulting companies will serve as the perfect go between for those manufacturing medical devices and supplements and those who are charged with properly regulating the pharmaceutical industry. Governing bodies such as the FDA and MHRA obviously have a very difficult job on their hands given just how many medical devices and pharmaceutical products are pushed towards the market each year and it is highly recommended that suitable firms are used to help ensure that any issues of compliance aren’t frequent during the manufacturing process.

Understanding the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry in relation to issues of GMP and FDA compliance is invariably extremely difficult for manufacturers and that is why the vast majority of those operating successfully today will decide that they simply could not get their products to the market efficiently without the assistance of pharma consulting firms.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of getting medical devices and pharmaceutical supplements to the market in a timely fashion because ongoing delays will invariably prove to be extremely costly for the manufacturer in question. By discussing the situation with pharma consulting firms, the picture will become much clearer and issues of compliance with regulations won’t seem so complex because expert consultants will be on hand each step of the way that will be up to speed with any regulatory issues that are likely to be related to your particular pharmaceutical products.

Social Media Consultants: How to Spot Them

The Internet is a universe full of social media activities. Start-ups, small businesses, all the way to major industry players are holding on to social network to advance their business interests. If you are not familiar with it, you could use a little help from social network experts. How then can one spot excellent social media consultants?

Social media consultants are known experts in using social network to drive and attract clients and potential markets. They are also adept with offering social media methodologies as their main services. Simply put, these consultants are experts as they practice what they preach.

In choosing social network consultants, it is necessary to re-evaluate their skills and experiences first. Note that there are essentially no certifications and academic prerequisites to become a social network consultant. This field of knowledge is very much accessible to any online freelancer. The most crucial factor really is the portfolio to prove demonstrated skills in social network.

1. Below are some indicators of an effective social media expert. These could help you avoid those who claim to be social network gurus.

2. Has excellent blogging skills. If you can spot a few of his sites with various quality blog entries, then he might just be a genuine expert. Also check for consistency in his blog or content entries. At first glance, entries may appear to be well written but keep in eye on for spin generated articles. A true expert rarely use spun articles.

Check testimonials and comments about “the expert” as well as his entries. A previous client will post comments to extend his gratitude for excellent service that he got. If you can spot lots of positive comments and testimonials in his blog entries and websites, then you can use these as his additional leverage.

3. Check the so-called previous clients. There tons of ways to manipulate clients’ testimonials. Check the veracity of these clients by going through their websites and profiles. See to it that they are organic enough and their sites are active.

4. Evaluate their SM knowledge. Social media experts must be adept with most if not all of the following traits: visual media optimization, SEO skills, content generation, and intermediate to advance programming.

Just What Is The Difference Between a Business Consultant and a Coach?

I’ve been working as a consultant for many years now. I’ve helped market and sell things as diverse as funeral services, golf courses, robotics, locum tenens services, financial services, houses and extremely complex software applications. The cost for these items ranged from a few hundred dollars to multi-millions for one sale. However, the other day a client asked me if I would be willing to coach her. I thought that part of consulting was to be a coach but I felt like I had better get her definition. It turns out she didn’t have a real solid one. She said she wanted me to help “get the best from her” relative to her sales and marketing abilities. And, she wanted to be able to pass on the things she learned from me to her employees. Well, that sounded like coaching to me. It also sounded a lot like the consulting I’ve done for over 30 years.

Now it so happens that I’ve been lucky enough to know a number of great coaches and to spend time with them. One of the very best and someone who has also coached me around the golf course is Lou Holtz. Lou, by the way, just got named to The College Football Hall of Fame

Lou and I are from the same little town in Ohio that I write about – East Liverpool. We’ve worked on some fund raising together and we got to play golf quite a bit back in the early nineties. It was the first time I played with Coach Holtz in Florida that I learned what real coaching is all about. I took golf up late in life so I wasn’t very good. On the first hole I drove into a sand bunker. It was filled with this soft, powdery white stuff we never would have called sand up north. Coach watched me hit out of the bunker and make a mess of the shot. Then he said wait a minute – let’s try something before we move on. He dropped a couple of balls in the bunker and he “coached” me into a different set-up and a different swing. I then hit both balls perfectly, he smiled and said “you’re very coachable” and on we went with our game.

By the time we had finished 18 holes, Lou had coached me well enough that I lowered my score by at least a stoke a hole. I was the same golfer with the same talent that started the game but I had been coached by someone who could bring out the best that was already inside me by their support and expertise.

Which gets me back to the title of this article; I don’t think there is much of a difference between a good coach and a good consultant. Coaching is a co-creative process and so is consulting. A good consultant advises and helps provide answers and solutions. Some clients think that if they hire a marketing consultant, the consultant will provide marketing. It doesn’t work that way. We will provide advice; possible solutions based on our years of experience, education, and research and often gut level feelings since marketing is more art than science. But, I think my job as a consultant is too also coach to help you find the answers to issues yourself, and in doing so you become more knowledgeable and aware and are able to both pass on that knowledge and work out answers yourself in the future.

Some clients are not real coachable. Picture a strong willed entrepreneur or highly successful business person who now is looking for marketing consulting. Sometimes when I coach this type of person, I will tell them that I think they are about to fall into a big pothole if they continue in a certain direction. And, I’ll let them fall if that is what they feel they need to do. Then I’ll help pick them back up and we’ll start down a different path. Most of the time it only takes one fall into the hole to learn. But, I’ve also had clients who when coached not to go into the hole but go ahead anyway end up blaming the coach for their mistake. Then it’s up to the client if they can get back on track and become coachable. Sometimes they don’t and just like in athletics, the player goes on looking for a coach that will tell her what she wants to hear and not what she needs to hear to get the best out of her abilities.

Coach or consultant – I’d advise you to look for someone who does both for you if you want to find the solutions you need for you current challenges, the process that can help you find your own solutions in the future and the ability to help coach others on your team.

Supply Chain Consultants

Supply chain consultants are basically people who provide chain and warehousing management solutions. They might also, and in fact often do, supply project management skills as well as solutions and often to a high degree of expertise.

They also aid in the management discipline of providing informed impartial advice to business enterprises in relation to improving the performance of their supply chains. Areas of expertise tend to typically include the disciplines of sales and operations planning, freight, inventory, and warehousing solutions.

Supply chain consultants will also typically have mathematical skills – often to a high degree. This core skill enables them to make a direct impact on the profit and loss of a company’s business by analysing how much product should be bought, and how much stored at any one time. This usually needs to take into account insurance costs and the cost that it takes to store a product per day before it can be realistically expected that the product be shifted onward through the supply chain – thereby making the company money.

Skills in logistical warehousing are highly sought after and consultants can and do spend many years perfecting these skills. For many companies. they are not in fact dealing with one product only but with many products at the same time and often in a seasonal market place. What makes sense to buy little of during the summer months, such as Christmas paper for instance, completely changes over the festive period when a company storing this can expect it to leave the shelf in the same week that it is bought.

Therefore its total unit cost is vastly different at differing times of year. Supply chain consultants are well versed in this kind change and are also able to handle the product base changing rapidly, depending on what it is that the company is either now producing or buying in.

Considering Selling Your Portable Sanitation Business? 3 Things You Should Know First

We are going to start with the first steps and things to think about to start your portable toilet business from nothing. So, here you are, you did your market Research your portable restroom business plan is done, you made your decision: you want to work in the portable toilet industry.

Even good things must come to an end,Guest Posting and if you are looking at retiring or selling your sanitation business in 2022, you might be having some mixed feelings about moving forward. Likely, you may even have some concerns, which is perfectly normal. Odds are good that you spent a lot of time and effort making your business what it is today, and taking the next steps can be a bit terrifying. After all, you want to ensure that your fleet of vacuum tank trucks, your employees, and your customers are all going into good hands. So if you’re making that leap this year, what can be done? We have a bit of advice that might help.

1.) Do Your Research
Once you have listed your business for sale, make sure to do your research on any and all potential buyers. Take a close look at their reputation, business partners, who they purchase equipment from, longevity in the industry, and what types of policies they have for both customers and employees. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, including what their vision is for the company once they buy it. This will help you to come to an informed decision.

2.) Have an Exit Strategy
2.) Have an Exit StrategyNothing can slow a process down like a bunch of red tape and fine print. Staying on top of paperwork and other legalities throughout the way can make a huge difference in expediting the sale of your company. Here is a list of a few things you should have ready in advance:

Exit Strategy Prep List
Get your books in order
Organize your legal paperwork. Consult or work with a qualified attorney for assistance.
Have a conversation with your financial advisor
Itemize and create an inventory of your company’s equipment if you don’t have one already. This can include vacuum tank trucks, safety gear, office technology, and any other equipment necessary for running your business. Knowing what everything is worth on paper will help you get the most money out of your sale.
3.) Prepare for Price Negotiations
Once you have an offer from a buyer you really like, don’t be afraid to enter into negotiations with them. After all, you are the one who knows and understands the value of your business. However, at the same time, be willing to be flexible and listen. You don’t want to run a good buyer off by being unwilling to make a few compromises. Trust your instincts in making a decision. If you have a business partner, be sure to talk over everything with them as well before signing along the dotted line.

Wrap Up
Choosing to sell your sanitation business is a huge step that requires a lot of thought, time, and attention to detail. You have spent years creating a legacy and you want to be sure that the people who come behind you preserve the integrity of your hard work. When beginning the process, keep some of these tips in mind, and that should help considerably.

Advantages of wearing long summer dresses for women?

women’s Long Dresses for summer, summer clothing for women

With warmer months in high gear,Guest Posting it’s time to toast the pleasures and advantages of wearing summer clothing for women. During the summer, wearing linen dresses, shirts, or blouses is the ultimate everyday luxury. When traveling or in a balmy and humid area, women’s long dresses for summer are also an essential aspect of a capsule wardrobe.

We love women’s long dresses for summer because of their natural, timeless beauty and because they provide numerous benefits in warmer temperatures.

What are Women’s Long Dresses for summer?

A women’s long dress for summer is a long gown that falls to the ankles. These dresses are usually more casual and have a tighter fit on the top half of the body than the bottom. They’re made of various materials and come in multiple necklines and styles. These gowns suit women of different ages, shapes, and personalities and look fantastic on them.

What are the advantages of wearing long summer dresses for women?

Wearing summer clothing for women throughout the summer months can provide several advantages. Below are some of the most usual:

An Attractive Appearance

A women’s long dress for summer is one of the most flattering clothing items available. It’s form-fitting where it counts, and it adds just the right amount of elegance.

Bug-repellent and sun-protective.

If you opt to wear summer clothing for women in the summer, you will also be protected against pests and sunburn. When you sport shorts and expose your legs, bugs can be a real pain. With this dress, you’ll have the best protection for your legs, and you’ll be able to fight off bugs and prevent itchy rashes on your lower half.

A Chance to Get Some Fresh Air

Summer clothing for women is a lightweight piece of clothing that allows your body to breathe correctly. It’ll feel nice to be able to appreciate the summer winds in your attractive dress instead of being drenched in sweat like the majority of those around you. That is an excellent reason to purchase this dress. If you’re interested in shopping, go to They’re open online for now, and there are a variety of sales going on.

They’re adaptable

Women’s Long Dresses for summer are also highly adaptable. As a result, you can wear one to almost any event. It’s ideal for a night out on the town or a romantic meal with your significant other. This dress is also appropriate for a job interview, and you will most likely ace it. This outfit is also called casual. As a result, nothing stops you from wearing one to the beach if you want to. You can even wear it to the supermarket every week.

They’re simple to combine.

Another advantage of wearing summer clothing for women is that they are simple to match. Because it’s a one-piece outfit, all you’ll need to do is locate the perfect shoes to go with it. Choose a hue that is easy to match, such as black, to make that work easier for yourself.

Things to Know Before Renting a Dumpster in Houston, TX

So these are the things above that will help you rent a dumpster in Houston, TX. Keep them in mind and place a dumpster beforehand.

People worldwide rent dumpster services for disposing of civil and commercial waste. The most profitable and cost-effective way of dealing with massive trash is renting portable dumpsters. These are super useful in disposing of a large amount of waste generated during a building project over a short time. Renting a dumpster is not an easy task,Guest Posting and hence you must know some prerequisites before you begin the process.

1. Permits required

You will have to seek specific permits before placing a rented dumpster unit on your property. Only some local authorities check for this permit. In most cases, the permit is necessary only when you place the dumpster on or near the street. To know about the exact requirements of your area, get in touch with the local building permit office. Getting a clear idea regarding the necessities is significant because failing to acquire permission can result in heavy fines.

2. Size of dumpster

Various models of roll-off dumpsters are available based on the amount of cubic yards worth of waste they can store internally. The usual size of the rental dumpster in Houston, TX is 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard models. Apart from the amount of physical debris they can hold, these dumpsters also differ by the weight involved. Fill the containers only up to halfway with heavy materials such as concrete, or else transportation will be a difficult task. Always rent a dumpster one size larger than the size you think you need. Renting a second bin due to underestimation of your requirements can be expensive.

3. Easily accessible

A dumpster unit with a larger capacity will tend to grow deep than the one with a smaller capacity. It is because the companies use a fixed-sized frame to haul different containers with ease. It is an issue for the people who need to get heavy materials in, and so they order large-sized dumpsters. If you are also one amongst them, ensure that your rental allows modifications for easy access. As long as you let the depots know about your requirements, most of them will have no trouble making suitable adjustments.

4. Duration of renting

Rent a dumpster in Houston, TX, for a fixed duration. The rental cost involves basic fees and daily charges. The services are expensive, and so you must use them wisely. To reduce the cost, you can order units for a specific period. It, however, is a hectic task in projects that are overrun. While booking, do check for depots that offer long-term discounts.

5. Types of restricted waste

Most dumpster renting companies allow storing only solids in their units. Anything other than that is not allowed. For example, you cannot dispose of waste like paint, oil, computers, televisions, and varnish in the dumpster unit. It is essential to check the policy of the dumpster depot regarding the waste types allowed in their bins before renting.

Bathroom Fitting – How the most appropriate one Can Modify Your Home

This article will tell you how bathroom fittings can transform your bathroom!

Considering setting up a new washroom? A good idea it can totally enhance your property. It’s just about the most critical areas in your residence – everybody who arrives at your residence will spot it at some point or another – All of your friends,Guest Posting loved ones, neighbours, visitors, hence you want them to see something nice modern clean and eye-catching.

It’s one of many central points in anybody’s residence all of us need to make use of it therefore make sure it’s not mucky conventional out-of-date or mouldy. Nobody would like to make use of a mouldy washroom, Nether mind obtaining a bath or a shower in there. Therefore it’s worthwhile investing a little money on making something special that everybody desires plus loves using.

Somebody that is thinking of purchasing a new residence will surely wish to see a nicely laid out restroom which happens to be neat and tidy plus modern, Getting a nice restroom may add some substantial benefit to your house notably if you have done your research and chosen the proper designs for the space you possess. Selected some excellent tiles that will also enrich the appearance of the bathroom suite.

Take a look at this Wash Basin Pedestal from Aquant India which has the reputation of providing the best washbasins at the most affordable prices. You will definitely be mesmerised by the unique design of the washbasin and this washbasin will definitely add value to your bathroom.

There exists so much choice when it comes round to restroom suites shower cubicles wet rooms and also showers, The options are generally endless and you can grab some great deals on items when you shop around a bit. Try out blending and also matching a few diverse products to create something that more fits you, In addition, what you end up with won’t be any of the shelf washroom collection, it will be something completely extraordinary.

You might like to pay some attention to the lights you ultimately choose, Lighting fixtures can set off your bathroom nicely however should they be too dim they won’t showcase just what you may have created, Should they be too bright it will take your focus away from the bathroom and onto the lights. A number of wonderful looking downlighters tend to be a good idea there not too bright and they could be dimmed to create an atmosphere and adjusted to shine in certain places.

Porcelain tile In the entire bathroom is a must if you investing in a wet room, But you don’t have to tile all the wall structure in yours it’s an option you would like to take into consideration tho it could seem far better than just halfway up the wall structure. Choosing carefully will greatly enhance the look of the space. The proper colours, designs, measurements, plus finishes will make the difference. Ask for some sample floor tiles so that you may have a real idea of just what they will look like on the wall surface plus floor.

Check out these Wash Basin Designs which are available in various colours and styles. If you install any of these washbasins in your house you will surely mesmerise your guests with the beauty of these amazing washbasins. Check out the website for more information on their washbasins and other products.

Have you got enough area for a bathtub and a shower area cubicle or just a bath tub with a shower room installed above, What about some good cupboards to hide away all your products? A nice massive mirror accompanied with a chrome radiator as well as a number of extras will complete the look.

Remember to choose the actual workmen carefully ask to determine work they have carried out or for numbers, you could ring to ask about the actual quality of the job, You actually don’t desire to go through all of the hassles of choosing the ideal restroom to find it doesn’t get fit properly and also they don’t perform a decent job.

Hire The Best Web Designer For Your Project In Miami

Find The Right Web Designer In Miami For Your Project. And How To Choose Web Designer. And Know the Process of Creating Custom Web Designs in Miami.

Looking for the top web designer Miami? Your search ends here. Webforest is a one-stop solution for all things digital! Being the best web design company Miami,Guest Posting we provide world-class services for the design and development of web, app, and software.

To establish an effective online presence, it is necessary to develop web solutions that feature strategic user interfaces and deliver a smooth user experience.

The leading web design company Miami, Webforest provides various benefits such as expert guidance, highly optimized website designs with great return on investment (ROI).

Our goal is to bring more traction to your website through positioned branding, targeted web traffic, and a high conversion rate. In simple words, to generate more business for your business.

Experience spanning over 8 years, the best web designer, Webforest has a talented team of creative designers and proficient technical developers along with skilled SEO experts and content creators. Our web designer Miami are stable, secure, and highly competitive in terms of branding, design, development, and pricing.

Why Choose Web Design Company Miami Over Template Designs?

Although template designs are cheaper, they are overused and generic. Hundreds of new websites are getting launched every day, with similar templates and designs. The cost might be low, but they provide limited features and functionalities and often exclude important features.

Free templates often offer no warranties. It has been further reported that several free templates are embedded with harmful code and suspicious links to malware. In case something goes wrong in the future, you might be left with no support.

And even if you do end up with a secure website, the designs can be customized up to a certain point only, leaving a big gap to bridge between your brand and your website. A website is often the first interaction between a possible client and a business.

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Affordable and Custom Web Designer Miami

One of the top web design company Miami, Webforest is known for creating highly optimized, mobile-friendly custom web design in Miami with interactive content channeled for generating strong leads.

With an international clientele, our web designer can scale grow businesses as well as maintain existing businesses with the help of great web products! We build websites from scratch, tailored according to the needs of our clients with competitive pricing.

Our designs are inspired by the goal of our client and the nature of the targeted audience. With user experience being one of the main concerns in today’s website, our web designer Miami showcases unparalleled navigation and smooth interaction between users and the website.

Be it a PC, mobile, or tablet, our web designer creates highly responsive designs, that look great on all screen sizes, automatically adjusting to the length and width of the screen in usage. From engaging content to SEO, our creators craft your web designer Miami in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, highly interesting, and helps in improving rank on search engine result pages.

Our web designer also features unparalleled security protection that is your website will be protected from ransomware attacks and other malware. We also provide great accessibility to differently-abled consumers, so all users can enjoy a great experience with your website.

Process of Creating Custom Web Designs in Miami

Being a renowned web designer Miami, Webforest aims to create remarkable web designer with strategically creative UI and functionally dynamic with customized functionalities and features to create the best UX possible.

Following is the process is undertaken by our web design company Miami to create web products:

Research & Strategy: Our web designer Miami, begins with thorough research and study of the client’s vision, mission, and target audience. Then a sitemap is created to give the client a brief of the navigation and establish a hierarchy of the content with an effective strategy in place for a higher conversion rate.

Designing Process: Then the process goes under the wing of UI designers of our web designer where they first, construct a wireframe with the strategy established above. Followed by the feedback from the client on the same, the designers create full-blown designs for the home page.

Once the client settles on a home page design, inner pages follow suit all the while incorporating the feedback of our client.

Development Process: Now, the web developers of our take over. They convert the static pages into a dynamic website with functional CTAs and interactive buttons.

Quality test and Optimization: Then, the testing team of our web designer thoroughly tests the website and resolves bugs and errors. Along with testing, they make the website responsive, increase security and optimize it to match the Google standards of a website.

Final Delivery: Once, all the changes are done and the website is live and working seamlessly, our web designer Miami hands over the assets and control to the client.

Annual Maintenance Contract: Our web design company Miami also offers AMC, to maintain the website’s security, updates, and resolve bugs whenever they arise to help out the client.

Want To Work With The Leading Web Design Company in Miami?

Our web designer works with a global clientele. So, even if you are not located in the city, we will help you grow your business through online means with the help of various online communication tools and deliver you the best web solution possible. So, get in touch with us now!

Why Hire The Webforest For Your Project In Miami?

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